Generally, I’m a home-body, content to knock around the house, stepping out to the back yard to build a border for the flower bed and repot some plants, then stepping back in to wash the morning dishes, and stepping out again to the front yard to weed and water. I performed this dance quite contentedly today to the beat of my favorite music, from 8:00AM to 8:00PM, taking breaks here and there to chat and have lunch with my mother, and finish watching the last three episodes of a favorite TV series.  And never in all of this time did I ever lack water.

From the beginning of my existence, I have never lacked water.

It has become a religious experience, truly, to take a drink of water or step into a cool shower.  It is when I feel water relieving my thirst or cleansing the heat and dirt from my body that I can say I pray.  I speak my gratitude deliberately albeit silently to the Almighty, call it what name you will.  And then I think of the sacrifices others before me made to single-minded dedication, perhaps in blood.

I don’t understand why there are human beings walking this earth who do not have such a basic need.

I don’t understand.

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